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Bad Boy Stitch/Qwick-Aid Bandage

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Beskrivning av Bad Boy Stitch/Qwick-Aid Bandage

Bad Boy Stitch/Qwick-Aid Bandage 

The Ultimate in Cornerman Supplies
Qwick-Aid is the new age in Multi-use Hemostatic Sterile Bandages that stops bleeding in just seconds! ?It has literally changed the game.?- Jacob ?Stitch? Duran

These trauma bandages, developed by one of the world?s most famous cut men are a revolution in stopping bleeding quickly and safely. BAD BOY Stitch Qwick-Aid Bandage is made of a three-layered all natural textile composite and does not require a prescription. It?s extremely effective at treating trauma wounds, and therefore extremely useful to participants of combat sports such as Boxing and MMA. The dressing stops vascular and capillary bleeding in just seconds!

How it works:
The first layer assures excellent hemostatic effect.
The second layer promotes cell migration and evacuates any discharge from the wound.
The third layer has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
The sterile sport bandage is for a one-time use only. At 1? x 2? it is large enough for even major wounds without being inconvenient to use or apply. BAD BOY?s Qwick-aid bandages comply with the world anti-doping agency regulations. They are also approved for use by the Nevada athletic commission and the ABC.

Perfect for any combat sport, gym or personnel use!

Great for cuts - stops bleeding in 45 seconds
No prescription required
100% natural hemostatic formula
A must for cornermen and gyms
Easy to use
Contents: 2 Pack - 1 inch x 2 inches Sterile Bandages

Directions included.

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